The Abbreviated Version of Lucy Bickel’s Life Story

I was five when I realized I was a natural-born storyteller as I was spending more time with my stuffed animals telling elaborate stories about their epic adventures rather than actually wanting to go the STEM route and become an “animal scientist.”  

I still tell stories all the time, like about how I grew up in Amish Country and how the only time I was late to school was because of “traffic” (@horseandbuggies). 

Or about how I ran my family business, aka our school yearbook, which my dad was the adviser of for 25 years (and yes, I had him as a teacher all four years of high school; we can unpack that later).

Or the day I toured top advertising agencies in The City That Never Sleeps with Penn State’s Bellisario College of Communications, savoring every New York minute, inspiring me to live out my Lucy in New York dream (which will absolutely receive higher ratings than Emily in Paris).

So I guess the least I can do is tell a brand’s story visually.

Writing was always my first love, but design really took my heart. Combine them with marketing and entrepreneurial thinking, and I became married to the idea of storytelling through advertising. 

Probably the next story you’ll hear from me is how I made my dream of being an art director a reality…